Support yourself this year

“It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority. It's necessary."  - Mandy Hale

“It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority. It's necessary." - Mandy Hale

We are now 20 days into the New Year and so over halfway through the first month of 2019 - how is it going for you so far?

We hosted such a beautiful first Less Ordinary Life event of the year last weekend. The Beginning has been the highlight of 2019 for me so far, and here's some lovely feedback we received this week: 

"Thank you for hosting such a life transforming, event The Beginning last Saturday! I throughly enjoyed myself and got so much out of it."

Our next Less Ordinary Life event in London will be on Saturday 23rd March. Please save the date - and you can sign up to my newsletter if you’d like to be the first to know when we release tickets.

I don't know about you but I've only had ten days 'back at work' and if I am honest, I am already bone tired. Like my bones have told me they are actually tired!

It's almost as if I didn't have two full weeks off over the festive period lazing about, eating whatever was in front of me (often ignoring my allergies) and doing next to no exercise....

...erm no wait, that's EXACTLY how I feel.

The return home hasn't been exactly smooth sailing. And with my operation in four days time (I still can't believe we hit my fundraising target in just 18 days on NYE! So very grateful) and then a month of recovery scheduled, I've not felt like I've been able to get stuck into much work yet either.

Also, there is so much ridiculous pressure at this time of year. Whether it's how productive you can prove yourself to be or how fit you can get. All these messages we are told so that money can be made out of our concerns and fears. It is all trash! So as ever, if you are feeling affected by any of the New Year Resolutions, New Year New Me, malarkey;

I want to invite you to step up and support yourself.

I've spent the last few years honing the daily routines and rituals that work best for me. So now whenever I feel any kind of pressure, I ensure they are prioritised and remain non-negotiable.

What are your daily rituals?

Daily for me includes reiki, meditating, journalling and affirmations pretty much every morning. Right now as it's winter I also need a good hour with my SAD lamp on.

Weekly I need at least four days with exercise. Plus a Tuina session for my back, and one self care evening at home with my phone on flight mode; just me, Sade and a lovely bath with oils. This gives me the space I need to reflect and set intentions for the week ahead (often this happens on a Sunday - like today!).

All these things I can choose to do for myself and most of them costs me no money. It has taken me time and a lot of trial & error to work out what works but I am now in a space where emotionally and energetically I am able to provide myself with the support I need on a day to day basis. 

And I want this for you too!

Apart from Tuina sessions and exercise classes these things also require no input from anyone else! So there is nothing stopping me from doing them (except me). These things can then only happen because I choose to prioritise them.

I have other support activities that also involve the expertise of other people - I see my wonderful therapist every week (I had SO much to share with her after xmas with my family...). And I see my amazing coach Kath every month (our first session of the year on Tuesday was so needed to gain clarity, focus & grounding after a tough first week back in London).

Who helps you to prioritise your goals?

I meet up with my friend Lyande monthly and we set goals for all areas of our lives (business and personal) and review our monthly progress.

We agreed to be accountability partners for one another nine years ago. This was back when we were both running our first businesses. It has been amazing the progress we've both made since then. As this month was our first goals session of 2019, we made it extra special and held it on an Afternoon Tea Tour Bus around London last week - it was so much fun!

I share this with you because I want you to see that if you, like me, are having a bit of a tough start to the year, and feeling any kind of pressure, there is so much that you can do to support yourself that is available to you right now. Without the need for anyone else's input or any other resources aside from perhaps the internet, a pen & paper or a hot bath!

So what supports you? Can you make some time for it this coming week?

All you need to do is let go of the excuse that you don't have enough time and prioritise and protect the time you need to do the things that support you. In doing so, you start honouring yourself at a deeper level, and that is such a beautiful way to start the year.

Is it time to try something new?

I also want to encourage you to try something new this month - as January is a great time to do this without buying into the New Year New Me nonsense.

On Wednesday I attended my second Breathwork session and it was incredible. I've been able to release so many heavy emotions and old baggage in the two sessions I've attended so far. All because a friend suggested I come along after she'd had a great experience. I love breathwork so much. If you're interested in trying it please watch this space as I plan to host some sessions in London this spring!

Up for something new? I have two exciting options for you!

- Our first online workshop of 2019; Self Love 101 is taking place on Saturday 23rd February and we've just released tickets. Find out more and book your 'online seat' here.

- Our 30 day online personal development programme - The Becoming You Challenge is now open for registration and launches on Friday 1st March - early bird places are on sale now until Friday 1st February.

I hope you can join me for either of the above online opportunities to support yourself and your growth this year. And if not, I hope you make the time you need to support yourself in other ways.

You deserve all the love and support in the universe.

With love and light as always,