Why you need to start sharing your goodness with the world (even if it scares you)

Yesterday evening on my way home, I bumped into a gorgeous woman I used to play Netball with five years ago. She was excited to see me and her power hug and beaming smile took me quite by surprise (I was pretty crap at Netball!). Anyway she proceeded to tell me that my old team are now top of their league (go Kaizen!!) after five years of hard work and not giving up.

This slow climb to the top was likely assisted by my retirement! But is also a great example of how persistence, commitment and playing the long game are key to success. 

Sidenote: We named our team Kaizen because it literally means 'change for the better' and in business jargon refers to ‘consistent, incremental and continual improvement’ - pretty apt!

She went on to tell me that she was so pleased to see me because my A, B, C of Self Love articles had helped her through a difficult time earlier this year.  She had been through a tricky break up with her long term partner and read my posts. She said she followed all the activities for the three Self Love steps (Self Acceptance, Self Belief and Self Care) and found them insightful and healing. She thanked me for taking the time to write about a topic that is often overlooked, saying that my writing had helped her to cope and move forwards. Implementing the A, B, C of Self Love helped her to re-align her focus on herself and meet her own needs after a long time of forgetting herself.

I had no idea my Self Love articles had been so impactful! She had commented on a Facebook post where I shared one of them saying she enjoyed reading. But last night she was close to tears explaining how empowered she'd felt by them. She encouraged me to write more often (working on it!) and to think about writing a book on The A,B, C of Self Love as more people need to know about it – she even promised to be my first customer!

If we hadn’t serendipitously bumped into each other last night, I would still be in the dark about how much my writing had helped her.

My point is that you rarely know the full impact that your actions and decisions will have, how much good your words can do, and how far they could reach.

But by doing good and sharing your expertise, knowledge & stories you are adding value to the world that perhaps no one else can. And you are sowing seeds of goodness into the world that may just support another’s growth, healing and journey in a deeply profound way.

So why am I sharing this with you? Well, I want to encourage you to SHARE YOUR GOODNESS WITH THE WORLD. Even if, no, ESPECIALLY if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Paradoxically this probably means you'll grow by doing so.

I find writing tough. And I find sharing my personal story, coaching models and behavioural change techniques online rather scary too.  Here are two fears I feel pretty every time I write / publish a post:

  1. Someone could steal my content and pass it off as their own (it’s happened before!) and;
  2. Someone could judge me and say ‘She doesn’t know what she’s talking about’ (this has also happened before, more than once! And will certainly happen again).


But you know what? These fears are harmless and thanks to Liz Gilbert I've now learnt how to acknowledge my fears and then tell them to get into the backseat and keep quiet, because I'm driving the car of my life!

Writing that first blog post on Self Love a few months felt like pulling teeth! I’ve been on a long journey of self development and personal growth over the last two years and I feel compelled to share what I’ve learnt. I'm sure it can help others and I want it to. But I also find just thinking about sharing my work and my story makes me feel rather exposed and vulnerable.

But you know what? Those temporary feelings of discomfort, the fears and concerns about judgement (& theft!) pale in comparison to the positive vibes that I went home with last night. I want to bottle that feeling, and feel it more often! I know that by being brave, following my heart and sharing my insights with the world, I’ve helped someone to navigate a tricky part of their journey feeling a little less alone and a little more capable of getting through. And there is nothing else like that.

So here are my questions for you today:

1. What goodness do you have to share with the world today?

2. Which part of your story might help someone else?

3. What valuable expertise or theories are you sitting on for fear of being judged?

4. And what do you need to do today to get closer to sharing these stories more often, and more widely?

It's time to sow some of your Goodness seeds!

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