Is it time to meet your inner Super Hero?

Let's talk Super Heroes!
Do you have a favourite Super Hero? If so, what is it you like about them? You might find that the characteristics you admire in them are also ones you would like to emulate more of for yourself.

Whether you love Spiderman or Super Woman, Catwoman, Iron Man or someone more obscure - I've got news for you - you have your very own Super Hero living inside you right now and they're waiting for you to invite them out to play.

Sounds crazy but it's true!

Whatever stage you're at in life, you have a strong, confident, assertive, influential being living inside you who knows exactly what they want & who they are and is great at making decisions, solving problems, taking the lead, overcoming challenges and managing conflict. They are great at standing out for all the right reasons & are comfortable with making sure they are heard & understood. They are recognised & respected by others.

They sound fabulous don't they? Want to meet them?

This is your opportunity to meet your inner Super Hero!

You are invited to join me for a five week adventure in June (how is it June tomorrow by the way?!) where you will come face to face with your very own Super Hero and learn how to tap into their brilliance (AKA your personal leadership potential!) daily.

Over the last three weeks I have run a number of free 5 Steps to True Leadership webinars packed full of top tips on how to reach more of your personal leadership potential & become your own Hero. We've received fantastic feedback from participants all over the world:

"Such a brilliant webinar with @naomi_jane @Less_Ordinary_ @grace_fogarty feeling motivated gonna practice my power pose#5StepstoLead" - @SacredIdleness

"@Less_Ordinary_ Last night webinar was so inspiring and fun."- @denise_ewerse

"Besides a captivating delivery by @naomi_jane, the advice was very practical and not 'airy fairy' ... I highly recommended this webinar for all who are interested in #Leadership #5Steps2Lead"- @usemysurname

So what are the 5 Steps to True Leadership?
1. Self Discovery - finding out who you really are, what you really want from life and then falling head over heels in love with yourself
2. Self Confidence - believing in yourself and your abilities and helping others to believe in you too
3. Communication - clearly and confidently being able to communicate with others to persuade, influence and manage conflict positively
4. Adapt & Lead - adapting to change & being proactive so that you can meet the needs of any number of different audiences and situations
5. Build your Network - nurturing more meaningful connections, finding your tribe and getting the support you need to progress your journey of self development and personal growth

The 30 Day Personal Leadership Challenge, launching tomorrow: Wednesday 1st June will explore these 5 steps in full detail with live weekly Masterclasses online (webinars) - each focusing on one of the steps - plus weekly mini challenges so that you can accelerate your personal development, tap into your true personal leadership potential and learn how to become the Super Hero of your own life.

What's the Challenge all about?
The 30 Day Personal Leadership Challenge will to help you to identify what you really want from life and give you access to the skills, knowledge and tools that you need to tap into you inner Super Hero so that you can become the assertive, confident leader of your own life; your very own Super Hero; ready to take on the world and achieve your goals this summer and beyond!

The 30 Day Personal Leadership Challenge includes:

  • Weekly live webinars so that we can deep dive into each of the five key steps to true leadership and you can learn how to apply them to your life
  • Mini challenges so that you can take action, practice what you've learnt and start making the desired positive changes in your life
  • Tailored reading lists so that you can explore the five steps in greater detail and take your learning journey even further
  • Live Q&A sessions every week with access to expert coaching advice so that your personal questions are answered
  • All webinars will be recorded and distributed along with the slides so that you can listen to them in your own time and complete all of the activities at your own pace

Are you ready to accelerate your personal development?
The truth is, we're rarely ever 'ready' to change or start something new. 'Ready' is a bit of a myth! You're ready when you take action, and rarely before.

So then is now the time for you to take action?
If so, book your place and join us on the Challenge! We're very excited to get started and really hope you can join us for the adventure. Our first live Masterclass all about Self Discovery and we will be live online tomorrow at 7.30PM BST. No worries if you can't join us live - all webinars will be recorded and shared with you so you can catch up in your own time & work through the exercises at your own pace.

Join us and meet your inner Super Hero just in time for summer! Click here for full details on the Challenge and book your place:

Remember: Enrolment closes at 7.30PM BST today - I really hope you can join us for the #30DayPLC.



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