Let's get creative.

"Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change."  - Brené Brown

"Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change." - Brené Brown

December is finally here! As are the non-stop xmas carols, bright white lights and red, gold & green decorations EVERYWHERE! Alongside lots and lots and lots of people (even more than usual) splashing through puddles and marching against the wind here in London town....

In honesty, right now, it all has me wanting to curl up in bed with a hot water bottle, some cocoa and a good book until 2019 turns up!

How are things feeling in your part of the world?

This is the time of year that I find most tricky. The lack of sunlight and the shorter days impact my mood (shout out to my fellow SAD crew NB: a good S.A.D. lamp is a priceless investment).

I usually get away for the darkest of winter months. A year ago yesterday I jetted off to Ivory Coast and then explored Ghana and South Africa for the whole of December. The year before I was in Dubai and the year before that I was in Nigeria... notice a pattern?!

But this year, with an upcoming operation and business a bit slower than it was this time last year (I refuse to say the 'B' word...) it looks like I am here in the UK until 2019.

This means I have to be even more vigilant when it comes to self-care, my rituals and prioritising my needs. And this can be tough at the time of year when 'giving to others' is pushed so hard! But I cannot pour from an empty cup. And nor can you.

What do you need to prioritise to support your wellbeing right now?

Despite the seasonal dip in my mood and the slight lull in business, something has shifted. I am in a super creative space!

Lots of exciting ideas are flying around (fancy a Vision Board Brunch?!) and Less Ordinary plans for next year are coming together (early bird tickets are on sale for The Beginning - our 2019 intentions & goal setting one-day mini retreat on Saturday 12th January!)

I am feeling very creative and energised right now. And this is helping me to keep smiling despite the lack of sun.

So when are you at your most creative?

Is it when things are running smoothly in life and it is 'business as usual'? Or is it when something goes belly-up, a plan doesn't go to plan or the sawdust really hits the fan?

This week I am grateful to be reminded that some of my most creative moments happen during tougher times;

  • When I have to buckle down and face the music.

  • When I need to show up and get my thinking hat on.

  • When ideas and solutions and strategies are really, really needed.

I've realised that creativity is always within me, even when I feel most stuck. I just need to call on her, and she shows up and gets to work.

When I give myself permission to be creative, explore new ideas and have fun, I come up with great solutions. time and time again. Sometimes I just forgot the giving myself permission bit and that is when I get stuck focusing in on the challenge.

Plus when I am being creative, I feel happier and more resilient, better able to face the trickier days with a smile and a positive mindset. 

Is there an area of your life where you would benefit from being a bit more creative right now? What needs a new solution? Can you give yourself permission to explore?

Let me know, as ever I'd love to hear from you.



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