We're in this TOGETHER.

Within less than a week, the world as we know it has changed.

The outcome that we woke up to on Friday morning here in the UK has changed the course of history forever. The British public have voted to leave the European Union.

Our Prime Minister has resigned. The opposition party are calling for their leader to resign. We've lost our Triple-A credit rating. Racially motivated hate crime is on the rise. And we're only five days in. We are stepping into the unknown. And it's scary.

Six days ago, everything felt so much safer.

Things are feeling pretty heavy here in London at the moment, you can feel it hanging in the air. There is one positive fact that I'm clinging tight to right now, and it's this:

I am still capable of being the change I wish to see in the world.

You are still capable of being the change you wish to see in the world.

We are still capable of being the change we wish to see in the world.

So Gandhi was right! During these turbulent times I invite you to embrace this simple positive affirmation with me:

I can make a difference.

No matter how small, remember it all counts.

You can share a smile, give a hug, offer a few words of encouragement or just listen to someone share their fears and concerns.

You can wear a safety pin and help to protect one another.

Some people are using this difficult time as an opportunity to spread their message of hate and division. We must come together now more than ever and spread a message of unity and love. I know I sound like a total hippy! But it's true. It's what we need right now and it's what I feel called to share with you.

Let's all make a stand against racism, fascism and nationalism. Let's look out for one another. Let's help one another to feel safe. That's true leadership.

We're in this together. And it's time to act like it.

If you've received the newsletter for a while you'll know that I've lived alone in my lovely little flat for over 18 months.  It has been my sanctuary. I love having my own space and dancing around the kitchen in my PJs late at night to Madonna. And I enjoy my serious morning pep talks with myself in the mirror.

But over the last few days, for the first time since I moved in, I've felt lonely at home. Crushing waves of lonliness that have been so tangible they've brought me close to tears.

I've found it hard not having anyone to talk to about my concerns as I lie awake late at night. No one to bounce ideas off or reassure me that things are going to be all ok. Right now I feel like I need to hear it from voices different to my own.

On Tuesday night I was listening to the radio and I wept for the lives lost in Istanbul. I'd just read yet another article that made my heart ache. I sent more tweets of concern out into the ether. Then I realised as I got ready for bed and lonliness crept up on me again that I can't be the only person who feels like this right now.

Have you felt anything similar recently?  If so, I want to share seven of my mini-mantras that have helped me, and in doing so give you little doses of hope (feel free to swap the 'you' to 'I'):

1. We're in this together
2. You can make a difference
3. The power within in you is greater than all the hate in the world
4 The best days are yet to come
5. You're brave
6. Love always wins
7. You matter

Feel free to share these mini-mantras with friends and family who need a bit of a lift at the moment.

It's uncertain times like these that remind me how important community is. And that it's our connections with one another that truly matter.

One great community I'm a part of is Impact Hub Brixton - our co-working office. I'm so grateful for the people here and the connections we have. I've received a lot of support (and many much-needed hugs) from fellow Hub members this week.

We have a whiteboard up with "25 Reasons to Find Hope From the #EURef result" written on the top. There is space for us to add our own ideas and look for silver linings in an overcast sky. What would you add to the list?

What supportive communities are you a part of right now? If you aren't a part of any, please find some. There are lots of local community meetings being arranged all over the UK right now. Alternately, try meetup.com where you can easily find communities of people with shared interests.

It makes such a difference having people who can support you and give you power hugs when you feel scared. People who you can be honest with and share your concerns & fears with. People who care and 'get it'.

After all, we're in this together. And together we are stronger.

Finally, if you need any help, please ask for it. You're not alone.

Sending power hugs,

Naomi & the rest of the A Life Less Ordinary Wanted team x

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