Today is the perfect day to back on the horse!

So, last week Wednesday was the day that BBC said they would get back to me if I got onto their Expert Women programme. Remember the cringey video pitch I shared a few weeks ago?

Well they didn't get back to me. I've checked my junk twice...

 Defo nothing there I want to see.

This meant that last week I had a bit of an oh-no-I've-fallen-off-the-horse-again-how-embarrassing moment. AKA I told the internet I'd applied for this opportunity and then I didn't get it. OH GOD.

 Disappointment is a painful, thorny thing to feel isn't it? As is the embarrassment that can come with feeling like we've failed.

 It can stop us in our tracks. Steal our focus. Kill our joy.

And whilst we need to acknowledge and connect with the sting of rejection, or our sense of failure, there is something key I've learnt recently. (Shout out to my Therapist!) And it's this:

When we hold onto emotional reactions for too long, our hands aren't free, they're full. We then can't get back to the crucial task of creating whatever beautiful / exciting thing it is we were trying to make happen in the first place!

 Does that resonate with you?

With that in mind I've decided that today it is time to let go of the bad vibes, dust off my disappointment and get back on that horse...

How? Well, I've uploaded another video on YouTube! And now I'm sharing it with you :)

This time it's not a pitch or for a competition. It's for you. It's a positive challenge and it's heartful. In less than a minute I share one of my major keys to success!

I share what one of my closest friends Lyande Kaikai - who runs the awesome organisation My African Passport - and I have been doing together for the last five years.

 The difference this has made to both my personal life and A Life Less Ordinary Wanted's business growth is immeasurable.

This super simple thing that can actually help you to get back on the horse, especially when times are tough and you're feeling low. So to find out what I'm on about, watch the video here.


If you enjoy the video, please do like / comment / subscribe to the channel and let me know what topics you'd like me to cover next!

So, over to you - my challenge to you this week is what do you need to do to get back on your horse?

Remember - today is always the perfect day to dust yourself off and get back to it!

The world needs your gifts.

 "You learn to ride a new horse by getting back on every time you fall off. You don't chastise the horse. You don't berate yourself. You stand up, wipe the dust off your butt, take a deep breath and remount."

 If you need some help getting back on the horse this week, you can always book a complimentary coaching consultation with me here to see how I can help you make the progress you know you deserve!