You are always in the process of becoming

So who are you?

How many of us really think before answering this?

Many of us give the name that was given to us from birth. Maybe you give the name of what you do for a living. 

But who are you deeply? What are you made up of? What are your core values?

What are those individual qualities within you that show the world who you really are? 

Do you even show the world? Or do you feel the need to hide your true self away?

I don’t know about you but I used to spend a lot of time being who society wanted me to be. Being fearful that if I was anything but, that I would be judged and wouldn’t be accepted. 

To truly be, and become you is to know what might be the accepted norm and to accept your differences anyway. We run the risk of living in denial and facing inner conflict if we don’t. Embracing who you are without barriers can bring about inner peace. That innate part of you that wants to be free from constraints can flow. 

Easier said than done right! Well it is a process. We don’t all wake up knowing ourselves, accepting ourselves and loving ourselves. It’s a step by step journey. You will realise it is worth it every new step you take. 

So how can you tell when you’re being you?

Ever been in a situation where what you feel you should do conflicts with what you want to do?. How about a situation where someone tells you what to do and it doesn’t feel right?

Check in with yourself. Touch base on what you need. Go with your gut feeling. That part of you that guides you safely. That part that’s always been with you even if you’ve not been fully with yourself.

Practice ‘I am…’ affirmations and fill them with what feels real for you. Not what you’ve been told you are. Not what you’ve been conditioned to feel you are. But that which is, if you were to undo all the stuff that’s happened to you or is happening to you: Your essence.

Feeling aligned with yourself will allow for your optimal growth. Becoming authentically you will help to remove any blocks. This then enables space to create your life how you want it. Don't deny yourself of becoming. You never need to wait to prioritise yourself. However small, invest in you every day.

Happy Rebirth. 


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