The space you need

When was the last time you gave yourself the time and space you need?

How often do you fill your time and space with things you don’t want or need?

I am talking about physical and psychological space. Both equally important.

How regularly do you give yourself time to be with yourself? Not with your partner, children, colleagues or friends. Time to remember yourself outside of your relationships. Uninterrupted and undisturbed time with yourself to do that which you wish to do. Uncompromising 

How frequently do you give your mind, thought and emotions space? Not ruminating or overthinking. Reducing volume on negative or anxious thoughts. A pause from jumping to decisions to allow a clear head and heart to decide. Enabling clarity and understanding.

Without giving yourself time out, you run the risk of feeling that the world is closing in on you. Tackling all the areas of your life with immediacy. 

You may feel if you keep on doing then things will get done? 

Yes. And then there will be more to do. Let’s face it, as long as we’re breathing, there will always be things to get done right? 

You may be busy meeting other people’s needs or pleasing other people. You may find yourself striving to take care of many tasks. Which you’ve unrealistically set yourself. Maybe you’ve reached a point where you feel what you need is less important than the demands imposed upon you.

What things are taking priority over your foundational and fundamental needs?

It’s about deciding what honestly needs doing now. 

What can wait?

You are not a robot. The moment you treat yourself like a robot others can treat you accordingly.

Remember your tasks, work, job are all an extension of you, so they all start with you. In order for you to achieve all the greatness that grows from you, you mustn’t forget to nourish yourself. This is crucial to maintain your physical, mental and emotional well being. This is optimal for sustainability. 

So I encourage you to take time out and create your space. Gift yourself with a relaxed, clear mind. This will enable you the opportunity to gain clarity on your needs. With space you can prioritise meeting them. 

Give yourself permission to focus on you; guilt free. 

You may not feel this is something you are able to do immediately or frequently, still, schedule it.

You are in the best position to meet other needs when you’ve first met yours. Giving yourself space empowers you to take control of what you want in your space. It also allows you to notice what you’d prefer to be without. 

Getting into the habit of this enables you to question how things are (or are not) working for you. It helps you to establish clear boundaries. It enables you to realise you need not accept things the way they are when change is needed.

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