Are you acting in your best interests?

What do you need to focus on taking a handle of to live your best life? What are you going to make sure you take control of this year so you can be free to live the life you want?

The first step for you could be in not allowing yourself to be a victim of control. Not of people. Not of your past. Not of money.

How many times do we let what someone says to us affect our psyche. Can stick with us for days, weeks, months or even years! Could be manipulative or derogatory comments directed at us. ‘You’re crap’. ‘You’re useless’. ‘You should’. Controlling how we think about ourselves and act for ourselves. 

If you’ve ever felt lesser than you are after an attack of words I would like to encourage you. Notice when someone has said unkind words to you. It does not mean that you then need to continue the unkind treatment towards yourself. You can break the cycle.

How often are past experiences having an effect on our present in such a way that we’re rerouting our lives. Living according to what's presented to us in our past. Leaving us bound by our past. Past relationships. Past failures. Controlling our beliefs, our thoughts, our behaviour, our emotional and mental state. How much power we have given to something that has been and gone?! 

If you feel you are living in the past I’d like to encourage you. Practising mindfulness and meditation could help. Staying grounded and focused on what’s working for you NOW. You decide what you bring into the present.

And how many times do we speak from a deficit mindset ‘I’ve no money for that’. ‘I’m no good at budgeting’. ‘I can’t save.’ The things we think and the things we say controlling what manifests in our lives. Our words are powerful. Use them wisely.

If you feel you struggle gaining control of your finances I would like to encourage you. You can control how you earn more, keep more and spend less. Trust in your ability.

The truth is when people, the past or money have control over our lives; we’ve given permission for this take over. We never need give that power away. 

Take back what’s yours and live a year that you have more control of.

You have the ability to control yourself. Even in difficult situations.

What is it you truly want? Before the controlling people. Before the controls of your past. Before the controls of money. 

Go for that. Don’t think you can’t and act like you can.

Control yourself = Self-control = Self-love


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