Never Underestimate the power within you

Many dreams are not fulfilled because of fear. Does this ring true for you?

We all feel anxious at some time in our lives. This is a normal instinctual response that serves as a protection to aid our survival. It teaches us to avoid dangerous situations and in this way is a learning process. This works well in obvious circumstances like a mugging incident. Here it will produce our fight or flight mode. But sometimes the subconscious can work overtime. It will respond to situations that feel like an initial event that has made us feel anxious. In this way it distorts our belief system. In effect it will reproduce the flight side of our fight or flight mechanism in many situations.

We then have a conflict of interests. We are wanting to do something that our subconscious feels we should avoid. Anything that our subconscious mind has accepted into our beliefs will remain so. Even if the lesson is no longer applicable. This has a direct link to our physical systems. For example, the mugged victim going on to experience constant anxiety. The subconscious mind may regard every trip walking down the street as dangerous. Without assigning a degree of danger. Interfering with day to day life. 

We can feel anxiety as a result of long term stress. When threatened by something or someone and also when we are not aware of what we are feeling anxious about. It is a cyclical process whereby the more worry we experience, the more anxious we become. Indulging in excessive worry resulting in negativity. Thus creating more anxiety. Creating a greater need to avoid things that make us feel anxious. For some this can be wanting to avoid everything in life. Hence why anxiety can be a precursor to depression. 

There are millions of people with an anxiety disorder in the UK. Are you one of them? 

Symptoms include restlessness, fatigue, impaired concentration, irritability, muscle tension and impaired sleep. People with anxiety disorder may not be able to pinpoint why they are feeling anxious. It can help to know that you can relieve your symptoms. Anxiety and tension can not co exist with relaxation and peace of mind. With relaxation induced, anxiety will diminish. 

Mindfulness meditation is a means to stay focused on the here and now. Learning to be aware and observe what is going on. Rather than get involved with automatic patterns of reaction. By learning our thoughts are only thoughts. You can interrupt the cycle of ruminating. This can be helpful if you struggle with the uncertainty of the future. 

Think of the things you can count on to help ground you.

Have a word with your anxiety. As if it was an overprotective friend. Invite your doubts in for a chat. ‘Thanks for having my back even though you overreact’. Dispute your irrational beliefs and try to learn to enjoy new rational ones. Facing anxieties removes the fear that fuels them and opens the way for long term coping skills.

Question yourself: “What’s the worse that could happen if you let this belief go?” And then, “What great could happen?”

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