Make Self-Love Your Number One Priority

Valentines day fell upon us last week. Whatever you felt about it, it was pretty inescapable. A time where we’re reminded to show love in our relationships but how much love are you showing yourself? After all you never need to wait a year to receive love!

This is not about being self-indulged or narcissistic. This is about you not losing yourself.  Not forgetting the relationship you have with yourself and making yourself a priority. When taking care of and showing love to yourself you are at best to share this love with others.

At the root of this is remembering what you love. Thinking about what you love may include your partner, family, friends or colleagues. It is good to surround yourself with supportedrelationships that you thrive in. Loving yourself and protecting yourself from relationships that draw on your energy. There will be times we compromise in relationships. Remember to be comfortable in your decisions. Give yourself the chance to say ‘no’ to things if they do not align to what you need in your relationship. Don’t forget what YOU need in your relationships. Have the courage to speak up about the things you need and love! The degree to which you assert yourself is in relation to the value you place upon yourself.

You may love the work you do. This is great! It is so important to be spending time loving what you do. If you feel you are spending time working and not loving it then it is important to address this and not ignore it. There are a world of opportunities out there. You have a better chance of grabbing what you love by going for it. Instead of limiting yourself and settling for that which is not true to your heart . Never underestimate the power within you to reach your full potential. Instead of allowing doubts to continue on their way, grab hold of them and take them from their roots. Remember as a child some of the dreams you had set for yourself. It’s never too late to start something. In fear of the risk? There’s risk in everything. In fact not doing anything is still a risk. So why not give yourself more to be thankful for? Why deny yourself pleasures of a meaningful life.

How you are spending your time is crucial here. Time is the most precious gift. Let’s not forget your hobbies. How you love to spend your time out from work to play. The things you do when you can be yourself with no controls or restraints. Are you finding the right work/life balance for you to maintain this? Or do you feel guilty pampering yourself? Do you feel there is something more important or more productive that you should be doing? Do you see unwinding and relaxing as a waste of time? Or rather a necessary process to recharge yourself? The same way some see saving money as a bill is the same way you can schedule taking care of yourself. You can invest very little effort but the action of doing it produces cumulative results. Taking care of yourself will give you a better today as well as a better future. Send a message to your unconscious that you like you and want your future the best place to be.

Think about what is it your heart desires and not what you ‘think’ is valuable. Think, will this make me stronger or weaker?

So finally, how are you loving yourself? Outside of who you're spending your time with and how you're spending your time? How do you empower yourself?

What thoughts do you have about yourself? What do you feed yourself? (Your body and your mind!) How do you treat yourself? The answers to these will manifest in who you’re choosing to spend your time with.  And what you’re choosing to spend your time doing. 

Loving yourself could be exercising.  Loving yourself could be having a healthy diet.  Loving you could be healthy thoughts about yourself and your body. If you find yourself struggling with loving yourself, how you look or how you feel please get in touch. If you are feeling stuck with finding what it is you love please don't hesitate to call. 

Be You, Love life and Live with no regrets. Unapologetic. 


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