How's Life Treating You?

Would you say you skip through life? How many of us can say we sail through oh so jolly without a care in the world?

You might feel you spend more time tripping up on this journey we call life. Tripping up over humps that cross our paths with no warning and quite frankly they are not welcome!

What I am talking about here are life events that take a place in our lives uninvited and cause a disturbance. Could be the death of a loved one loaded upon us. Could be an illness or injury that rocks up. Could be the unfolding of a relationship breakdown.

How upsetting it can make us feel? How infuriating? How Irritating? How frustrating?

It’s not only life events that can have this effect on us but also unhealthy interactions with people. There are people that sometimes come into our lives who are not good for us. They may bring physical, emotional or psychological harm. Sometimes we can be in denial about this. Other times it can be quite clear to us but some may feel trapped. If the person is a relative or colleague where shared space is something expected. Bullies can present themselves in the workplace and our family tree.

Statistics show sexual assaults often involve people who know each other. Still, this doesn’t rule out the strangers who violate our personal space!

Life disturbances can cause trauma.

Impactful life events may leave you feeling threatened, frightened and anxious.

You might feel like the road is completely unrecognisable after your life disturbance. You may feel disorientated like nothing makes sense. In total fog.

You may tell yourself, ‘why did this happen to me?…Crap always happens to me!…Life is not fair!’

And the truth is…

Sometimes life is not fair. Life can be a struggle. Life can get painful.

So how do you cope? Who do you talk to?

Do you hide and bury yourself hoping it will all go away? Do you stand up tall and dodge the reality by attempting to ignore it? You may even reach a level of shock where you pause and don’t react at all. You feel unable to do anything.

But when have we ever had anything go away without doing a thing about it?

You might have avoided processing something that’s happened in the past. Then in your present when you think about it or talk on it you feel emotional? It can be helpful for you to work on this wound. It is not only time that heals wounds. You do.

When life disturbances happen it can help to check in with yourself as not to get lost in it. During the experience, life disturbances can feel like they encompass everything about you. They can be so overwhelming that you feel you are unable to see past them. You don’t have to sit under it. You can sit with it or above it where you feel empowered to cope with what’s going on for you.

The first step is accepting the reality. Once you start this process of acceptance only then can you get to work on it. Processing what’s actually happened. How it’s made you feel? How it’s affected the areas of your life?

Next you can empower yourself by taking a hold of what you can control to make life more bearable. One step at a time.

Focus shifts often during upheavals in life. We can forget ourselves. Focus back on self love.

Remember you are not a puppet. You decide how deep life disturbances penetrate and for how long. The life disturbance does not decide that. How you choose to live with it, is how you choose your level of disturbance.

You have the right to a peaceful life.

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