What is Hypnotherapy?

Many have misconceived hypnosis to be a mysterious, magical power. Some think that a person is kept permanently in a trance and can be made to do anything they wouldn't normally do. 

In fact, on a simple level; hypnosis is a natural RELAXED state. In this crazy world we live in, think how positive it would be to have a less stressed, more peaceful, healthier nation whom are relaxed!

The relaxed state of hypnosis is one which you can create for yourself or with the help of a therapist. A therapist can guide you into a relaxed state whereby you are more able to let hypnotherapy to take place. 

With therapy, it is always through choice that you enter a hypnotic state. You are not spell-bound or 100% unaware.

"The unconscious is not unconscious, only the Conscious is unconscious of what the unconscious is conscious of"

Hypnosis allows for the basement of the mind to be reached to uncover that which is hidden or locked away.

Hypnotherapy helps unlock the potential in the mind and body. It allows the therapist to explore the needs of the client's subconscious mind. The therapist can provide suggestions that help re-program the mind's thought process and behaviour. 

Thanks to the relaxed state of mind these suggestions travel directly to the subconscious. There, with the absence of the conscious critical mind these positive suggestions can become a new belief or change a particular behaviour.

" The mainland is your conscious mind, the island your subconscious..."

...on the 'island' you will receive the "code" you need to break your current behaviour pattern and replace it with one that is more desirable."

- Josie Hadley (author)

Our mind is a powerful tool and when put to use-limitless!

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